Why Do You Need A Woodstock Structural Engineer?

When Do I Need A Woodstock Structural Engineer?

Woodstock Structural Engineer
Woodstock Structural Engineer

Looking to finally put up that shed in your backyard, renovate an existing structure or undertake some other project in Woodstock? It may surprise you to learn that in most cases hand drawings of your intended project are no longer accepted by city or township engineering departments and you must submit plans stamped by a certified Woodstock Structural Engineer. Your city or county Building and Safety Department, Department of Public Works, Planning Department, or municipal utility will be able to advise you about code requirements and what permits, plans, and maps are required, if any. These agencies can also inform you specifically when a professional engineer is required for your project. This applies not just to Woodstock but to most locales in Ontario.

What We Do

  • Knowledge of common construction materials such as steel, concrete, wood and masonry
  • Determination of lateral forces, such as wind and seismic, and expertise regarding the structural analysis and design of structures
  • Selection of framing systems and recommendations for construction and economic feasibility
  • Assessments of building safety
  • Construction coordination and preparation of plans, calculations specifications and reports

All civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering final plans, specifications, and reports must:

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New Sign Installed!

new sign.JPG-1Driving down the streets of Otterville today you may have noticed a new change as our new sign was installed this afternoon at Girard Engineering. Not only does it brighten up the streets in downtown Otterville, it will also allow people to find our office a little easier. The sign is consistent with our new logo and branding and will not deteriorate with time or bad weather.

Drop us a line or let us know when you are in the office what you think of our new sign!

Ownership Announcement

L.A. Girard Engineering wishes to announce a change of ownership in the Company.

Len Girard, who has been the President and owner of L.A. Girard Engineering since its inception in 1988, has now retired from his ownership, yet will remain with the company as the Senior Engineer along with current employees in their respective roles. Len was instrumental in the establishment of the company and initiated many of the changes that have seen L.A. Girard Engineering reach the success it has today.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Drew Fallowfield has accepted the position of President and co-owner of Girard Engineering (2478153 Ontario Inc.). Drew has been employed at L.A. Girard Engineering since 2005 and was a Project Manager at Partners In Research in London, Ontario from 2013-2015. Drew’s commitment to customer service, client relations and increased service opportunities for clients will be a key focal point in his tenure as President.

Drew and L.A. Girard Engineering staff thank Len for his leadership and commitment to the business during the period of his ownership and look forward to their continued working relationship.

Drew Fallowfield
President & co-owner

Len Girard
Past-President & owner