site engineerDesign
The success of any land development project – from single-family residential projects, to master-planned communities, to business parks depends on and requires an engineer and engineering firm having an understanding of the basic needs of the project. It also requires the technical background to perform services such as planning and design of water, sewer, paving and drainage systems, and plat preparation. Our experienced engineers are well versed in the intricacies of zoning ordinances of various Ontario counties, townships and cities. We provide quality, cost effective Civil Engineering design and analysis services for storm water drainage system, sewer & septic systems, structural design and a host of others.

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Girard Engineering provides drafting and detailing services to all civil engineering drawings, archival drawings, site plans, grading plans and cut and fill schematics. Our services include:

  • On Lot Sewage System Detailing: Created with reference to existing drainage system and according to on lot sewage system design detailing
  • Parking Layouts: Created with reference to drawings or information provided by the client
  • Terrain Modeling & Contour Maps: Create surface with the help of contour data or from grading plan for the site or from any other reference. It includes 2D and/or 3D view of the terrain
  • Utility Layouts & Utility Plans: According to details of the services to be provided we can develop water supply line, sewage line, electricity layouts etc. for the site
  • Site Development & Site Plan: This encompasses all the major fields of civil engineering project like grading, drainage erosion etc. This includes all drafting work related to a site development project
  • Library Creation: It involves library creation of components used repetitively in the drawings such as line type, dynamic block, hatch pattern etc. These components can be generated as per the library requirements
  • Typical Detail Creation & Library Creation

Construction plansProject Management
Girard Engineering will assist you with planning, scheduling, procurement, logistics, construction supervision, commissioning, acceptance testing and as-built documentation.

Ensure a smooth, well executed project from start to finish. Girard Engineering has set-up and controlled the operations management of numerous projects. Girard Engineering has provided Project Management Services for several large projects and use state of the art computerized systems that assist in effectively managing projects to bring them in “on time and on budget”.

Girard Engineering offers professional construction management, resident engineering and inspection services to our public and private clients. We are qualified to also provide Construction Engineering and Inspection (Road, Bridge, Aviation) and provide inspection for roadways, site development projects, solid waste facilities as well as structural special inspections.

Our licensed professional engineers provide full and part time professional inspection services for bridges, roadways and buildings. We manage inspection projects by providing timely payment estimates, construction orders, computations and interpretation of regulations.