What Happens In An Engineering Inspection?

An Engineering Inspection is Complex

The engineering inspection is more complex than the familiar types of inspection such as a typical home inspection. This is due, in part, because there is no legal or statutory requirement to have a home inspection. This means that anyone can throw up a shingle as a home inspector after taking just one or two courses (even online). An engineering inspection can be more challenging simply because it’s up to you to enter into a contractual agreement with the engineer, as there is no pre-defined scope of work.

First, when should you call in an engineer? Certainly when you notice any major visible major deficiencies, for example significant water penetration, sagging roofs, spalling concrete, cracking walls or vibrating floors. If any deficiencies on this scale are brought to your attention, (possibly by a home inspection), or if you have any concerns about any possible deterioration problems, you should

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Civil Engineer Job Posting

Girard Engineering currently has available a civil engineer job posting for the position of Junior Civil Engineer. Please forward resume, cover letter and references by e-mail to Drew Fallowfield.

Languages: English

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.):
Soon to be registered as a Professional Engineer; Registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association; Eligible for registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association

Experience: 3 years or more

Area of Work Experience: Quality assurance or control; Inspection of facilities; Design; Drawing review, Code review and Standards Review

Area of Specialization: Construction; Structural engineering, Municipal engineering, Site engineering, Drainage & Storm water management

Work Setting: Small consulting engineering firm

Specific Skills: Supervise technicians and technologists and review and approve designs, calculations and cost estimates; Confer with clients and other members of the engineering team and conduct research to determine project requirements; Plan and design civil projects such as buildings, roads, water and waste management systems and structural fabrications; Evaluate and recommend appropriate building and construction materials; Interpret, review and approve survey and civil design work; Conduct field services for civil works; Ensure construction plans meet guidelines and specifications of building codes and other regulations; Establish and monitor construction work schedules; Conduct feasibility studies, economic analyses, able to interpret and integrate environmental impact studies or other investigations; Conduct technical analyses of survey and field data for development of topographic, soil, hydrological or other information and prepare reports; Act as project or site supervisor for land survey or construction work; Prepare project estimates and review and evaluate tenders for construction projects

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment; Work under pressure; Attention to detail; Ability to distinguish between colours; Sound discrimination; Combination of sitting, standing, walking; Medium workload; Tight deadlines; Overtime may be required during peak season

Computer and Technology Knowledge: AutoCAD; Revitt; Data analysis software; MS Office; Structural software packages

Personal Suitability: Effective interpersonal skills; Accurate; Team player; Excellent oral communication; Excellent written communication; Sound judgement; Organized

Woodstock Structural Engineers: When Should I Consult One?

Woodstock Structural Engineers: When Should I Consult One?

A common question people ask is “When will I be ready to consult Woodstock Structural Engineers?” Obviously you start with having a project which will be small or it may be large. You know you need to consult an engineer at some point but you aren’t sure when or what is involved in the process. Here are some pointers that may help you.

Did You Know?

Woodstock Structural Engineers
Woodstock Structural Engineers

Woodstock Structural Engineers analyze and design stationary and mechanical structures such as aircraft, tunnels, bridges, buildings and other machinery. An engineer analyzes a structure’s ability to handle gravitational and other forces such as water, wind and pressures that are developed by humans. Structural engineers regularly consult with project managers and architectural firms to determine the structural requirements for a project. Some of the things to consider when hiring an engineer is their level of education, their experience and their reputation in the community.


Before hiring Woodstock Structural Engineers, complete a comprehensive project list that clearly illustrates the expectations you have for the project. Prior to beginning the job, make decisions regarding the design finishes and materials you want to use. Discuss

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Oxford County Structural Engineering Prices

Oxford County Structural Engineering Prices

Oxford County Structural Engineering involves an Engineer that wears many hats. Structural Engineers are trained in the design and load bearing capabilities of a structure. They can determine if an edifice is capable of withstanding a weight load by factoring material strengths with physics equations – from weight loads due to wind, snow, building materials, and even occupants. How much does your cat weigh?

The types of professionals who work with and require the services of a Structural Engineer include city planners, architects, drafts persons, and general contractors. If your existing house or new house has any structural issues, you will want to talk to a structural engineer. In most cases, a Structural Engineer is required to sign off on any new building project before it receives approval in the form of a building permit.

Average Oxford County Structural Engineering Costs

An Oxford County Structural Engineering project will involve an Engineer whose extensive education requires knowledge in many fields including wide-ranging knowledge of mathematics and geometry. Their training alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As such, their hourly rate and/or project fee is commensurate with their level of education, training and experience.

A Structural Engineer’s average cost is

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